Adolescent depression: A Pediatrician’s dilemma

Adolescent depression is a serious medical condition that deserves expert evaluation and appropriate access to mental health professionals, including those who can prescribe medication when indicated.  As a pediatric resident, I spent four weeks on the child psychiatry service, and this time was mainly focused on talk therapy.  In comparison, I spent six months, and … Continue reading

The Heroic Pediatrician

I understood that the more money the practice made, the more my salary would increase. The key was in finding ways to be more efficient without compromising patient care. How much emphasis a doctor puts on either side of this seesaw shapes her practice as much as her expertise will.

To Control Health Care Costs, We Need to Change the System

If we are serious about pursuing excellent primary care medicine, and controlling costs, we need to be honest about the disincentives our current system creates. We need to recognize the stranglehold that third-party payers have on our health care, how these forces make their way into the exam room, into the conversations between doctor and patient, influencing clinical decisions, outcomes, and cost.