Thirty Million Ways to Say I Love You

Why are today’s pediatricians talking about the importance of reading to your infant and child? The fact is that doctors have learned an incredible amount about early brain development over the past decade, and researchers now know that the way parents interact with their children from birth through five years old is a critical factor … Continue reading

Doctors and Politics

When I was a young pediatrician I took for granted that doctors could and should “stay above the fray” when it came to most things you read about in the newspaper – things like politics , economics, the environment. As medicine and healthcare  have grown increasingly complex doctors no longer have a free pass to … Continue reading

A Doctor’s Tale of Two States

(published as an editorial in the Manhattan, KS Mercury on 10/30/13) Maggie Kozel Contributing Writer Hello, Kansas! I am a pediatrician from Rhode Island and am very proud to tell you that my daughter attends your fabulous veterinary school. (Go Wildcats!) She has been having wonderful experiences at K-State, but now, because she lives in … Continue reading

Re: The scope of the standard of care in medicine has changed

commentary on the role of medical malpractice suits in improving healthcare.

Rethinking Healthcare Spending

Recent attempts to fundamentally alter Medicare, and the public outcry that followed, provide a working template for how to view broader health care reform.  Everyone agrees that our healthcare system – and Medicare in particular – is financially unsustainable. Any step we take to address this requires a choice to either cut services or be … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform: We Need to Reframe the Questions

One year after passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the debate roars on, in Congress and everywhere else. And these debates often revolve around a big question, even when it is left unspoken or implied: Is health care a basic human right? In 1990 I made a quantum leap from practicing in … Continue reading

Privatization of VA Medical Care is a Step Backwards

VA Healthcare:  It’s the Wrong Time to Privatize In this midterm election season of making pledges to America, we should not lose sight of the pledges we have already made. We have promised as a nation to provide our disabled veterans with the best health services that modern medicine has to offer.  We need to … Continue reading